Strategic Partnerships

At The Family Recovery Solution™ our mission is to create a world where all people, beyond a shadow of a doubt, feel empowered to genuinely contribute with their full potential to healing themselves, their family, and the world around them for the benefit of future generations. Obviously, one service provider cannot do this alone.

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Treatment Services and Therapists

The Family Recovery Solution™ complements inpatient and outpatient services by empowering family members to engage in a parallel track of healing. While the addicted individual is in their individual change process with you, the family engages in their change process with TFRS. The family’s vulnerability to future addiction decreases.

The Family Recovery Solution™ can be used at any stage of the process: Optimally, when the addicted individual is starting your program. At minimum, TFRS can be part of discharge when your client has a goal of integrating back into their family, or when the family has expressed interest in support for next steps. The Family Recovery Solution™ accommodates the level of collaboration with professionals that best meets the needs of the situation.


Community for Professionals

Human Transformation occurs in the context of human relationships. Think back to every important transformative experience in your life – good and bad. We think you’ll find that it happened in a social context; even those experiences that seem, on the surface, personal and individual are almost always connected to people. To transform we need other people. Family. Friends. Community. The Family Recovery Solution takes a Deep Community Learning approach to delivering value to: Therapist's, Addiction Coaches, Treatment Centers through our Community for Professionals. Our community has a carefully constructed curriculum that only empowers Community Members to understand and deploy The Family Recovery Solution Approach to recovery, but also provides key tools and techniques from a business perspective that enable Community Members to establish a thriving practice doing more of what they love: helping people recover; helping families recover.

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expert-curated resources that will help you do more of what you love.

Solution Resources

The Family Recovery Solutions: Tools for Transformation, which include the methodological and business tools to help power the success of your practice

Communication Forums

Interact with other community members via secure video conferencing technology


Videos and Audio recordings that inspire discussion and reflection


Workshops that offer growth and development opportunities to Community Members

Community Show

The Family Recovery Solution Community Show bringing in experts and people with a variety of perspectives to promote healing, transformation and business success

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