Family Recovery

It’s clear to you, that your family has faced challenges from the addiction and you’re trying REALLY HARD to determine how you can help your addicted (or recovering) loved one, keep your family together, and start a healing process at the same time.

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The Family Recovery Solution

The Family Recovery Solution’s signature process is a compilation of hands-on experience, current and best practices for family systems and recovery, best calming practices, and ongoing guidance. It was born out of years working in the field, viewing addiction through a systemic lens, and noticing how there was a consistent narrow focus on the person with the addiction and very little attention paid to the family’s role in long term healing. This is problematic because the family is not clear about their role in their loved one’s healing process, making it more difficult for their loved one to heal, and at times resulting in a division between the family and their addicted loved one.


Community for Families

Human Transformation occurs in the context of human relationships. Think back to every important transformative experience in your life – good and bad. We think you’ll find that it happened in a social context; even those experiences that seem, on the surface, personal and individual are almost always connected to people. To transform we need other people. Family. Friends. Community. Our best opportunity to transform is by forging community with people who have been there – walked in our shoes – and people who are going through what we’re going through, right now. People willing to share perspectives, connect, work together, help and be helped. Whether you need help, or a sister, brother, daughter, son, mother, father, or grandparent, there is a place for you in The Family Recovery Solution Community. There’s a place for your family in our family. Join us today.

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carefully curated resources that will help your family recover from addiction

Solution Resources

A Library of Recovery Tools for Transformation

Communication Forums

Interact with other community members via secure video conferencing technology


Videos and Audio recordings that inspire discussion and reflection


Workshops that offer growth and development opportunities to Community Members

Community Show

The Family Recovery Solution Community Show bringing in experts and people with a variety of perspectives to promote healing and transformation

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We would love to have you. You and your family are welcome here.

Our 3 Step Process


We’ll gather the specific information that is unique to you and your family’s stage of addiction/recovery. Together, we’ll look through multiple lens to discover and review the underlying influences relative to healing, and assess your unique situation. You’ll finally understand what’s really going on and why – and how to best handle family interactions that inevitably arise along the way of change and healing.


We move seamlessly to phase two – Resource. First, we look at any external resources wherever needed. Then discover new pathways and agreements that support the family to adapt to change. New skills learned, are practiced in family interactions that arise with changing demands. Practicing these tools in real time situations empowers individuals and develops the much-needed skill of increasing resiliency within the family.


Change is a process that happens with recognition of successes, and repetition over time. Daily life provides the crucible for continued practice and the rhythm of change for each family. Continued confidence is gained with raising awareness of daily life interactions with alignment to their vision. The family navigates their future with facilitated opportunities to restore and realign to the new “rules of engagement” they have chosen.

Addiction Navigation for Families

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We Provide Solutions for Various Stages

Still Using

This stage represents the beginning of when family members feel pulled into a role they may not want to be in – in an attempt to deal with the addiction and maintain connection in the family. Due to confusion around knowing what will be best and the challenges and stigma that may be associated with families with an addicted loved one, people oftentimes try to work it out quietly within the family.

In Recovery

In the early recovery stage, your loved one has strung together days, weeks or months without engaging in their addiction. There is a great deal of vulnerability during this time. Ideally they are abandoning behaviors (and people) that haven’t served them and discovering new ones. Ideally, this is a stage of rediscovery and rebuilding.

Custom Interventions

Addiction generally doesn’t happen overnight and many times it takes quite a long time to even recognize that there is a problem. Once it becomes painfully obvious to YOU that your loved one is in the addictive process, it can still be challenging to get THEM to recognize it. Sometimes, a more focused, intentional approach is necessary.