The Family Recovery Solution complements all addiction treatment services with multiple online pathways that invite whole family engagement and starts with one person reaching out. The structure of the online deep community invites families out of isolation and into connection with likeminded others, resources and expertise. Families move at their own pace, in the direction that best meets their needs. There are options for families to learn, grow and work together in groups, or one family at a time.


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With inherent confusion around our culture’s addiction paradigm and the resulting stigmas – you have probably come across a lot of information that, may not be all that helpful to you in your current situation.
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At The Family Recovery Solution™ our mission is to create a world where all people, beyond a shadow of a doubt, feel empowered to genuinely contribute with their full potential to healing themselves, their family, and the world around them for the benefit of future generations. Obviously, one service provider cannot do this alone.

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  • Dear Jeff, It was an honor and pleasure to work with you and now the great team you have put in place … We will have all the reports ready to send out by Friday to his team members … The vested energy and dedication that everyone has put forth is remarkable, and what a great way for the family to start the new year…!!

    Thank you again, Jeff, for doing such an eloquent job of orchestrating the amazing case management and intervention. The family is lucky to have found you!

    Clinical Director at Milestones Ranch, Malibu, 
  • At first I was pretty reluctant to tell anyone about my failing marriage and my alcoholic wife. It was an embarrassing situation for me. But having the convenience of having phone sessions from the privacy of my office made it much easier for me to reach out for help. Working with you has helped me to recognize I do have options. After hearing my wife say she would stop drinking numerous times only to start again, she finally agreed to go into treatment if she has another drink. Thanks Jeff! I’ll let you know what happens.

    Businessman, West Coast
  • When Jeff worked in our agency, I got to witness qualities in him, I respect in any good therapist: Commitment to his own personal growth, fair-mindedness, even-handedness, not intimidated by bullying, and very knowledgeable about substance abuse issues. He was a great team player and a real asset to our agency.

    Jeff has excellent conceptualization skills in seeing the big picture within families with multiple needs. Clients loved to work with him. His unique life experiences singularly qualify him for working with individuals and families with substance abuse issues.

    Howard Schiff
    Odyssey Counseling
  • When Jeff worked with us, I noticed he has a very unique way of listening, not pushing his judgment onto others. He has an incredible ability to hear what people are saying, not react, and sum up the problem and what was needed. He’s very approachable and gave great feedback to our clients.

    Jeff has excellent theoretical understanding of the roles in the problem drinker / alcoholic family, as well as the disease itself. He really gets the importance of the family’s role in the recovery process.

    Diane Novey
    Inner Balance Health Center

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